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Products and Services

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Established in 1957 Universal Tyres and Spares Ltd is one of the leading regional wholesalers and distributors in the UK.

Kept in stock are Car, Motorcycle, Van, 4x4 and Light Truck tyres in all premium makes as well as offering options for mid-range and entry level requirements. Our website gives you have access to over 35,000 tyres -  24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tyre Fitting

Tyre fitting is our business and our speciality.  We fit new tyres of all types using the latest fitting equipment.  Mostly we fit new tyres on cars, vans, 4x4’s and light trucks, but if you need it, we can fit anything from a compact 8” on a wheelbarrow to a thumping 26” on a Hummer, and even the lowest profile Run Flat tyres.

When it comes to cars, safety is paramount, so we offer free tyre inspections and tyre pressure checks.  We’re happy to show you how to check the pressure and tread on your own tyres too.

Our tyre inspection will give a broad indication of how many miles there are to go before you need to replace your tyres.  If you give us your mobile phone number and tell us your average monthly mileage, we’ll text you a reminder around the time you need to renew your tyres.

MOT & Servicing

MOT & Servicing is offered for Car, Motorcycle and Light Vans. Our MOT station has recently been installed using all of the latest equipment to ensure the MOT is accurate and adheres to all the correct legislations giving you piece of mind that a good and safe job has been done on your vehicle or motorcycle.

We offer two services to keep things simple which are simply a Small or Big Service. If you have special requirements or want us to look at something more specific we have the knowledge and ability to do this as well just give us a call on 0208 744 6928.

Wheel Alignment

It’s important to have the correct tyre pressures and good tyre tread.  And it’s equally important that your wheels are correctly aligned.  Incorrect wheel alignment can affect steering.  It causes uneven wear on tyres and can increase fuel consumption, making your car or van less economical.   

If you’ve hit a kerb, plummeted into a pothole or had an accident, or if you notice your vehicle is pulling to one side, it’s wise to get your wheel alignment checked. 

Our Fitting Centre is equipped with the latest Hunter Hawkeye wheel alignment equipment, which is recommended by all premium vehicle manufacturers.  We can align wheels on all types of vehicle up to LWB vans, as we have a 4m ramp.  This means we welcome commercial customers with van fleets.

Collect from Home

Your time is precious and nobody likes to wait around when they’ve got places to go and things to do.  Whilst we provide convenient and comfortable waiting facilities at our Fitting Centre, we realise that not everyone has the time to wait whilst their tyres are fitted.

Depending on your location, we’re pleased to offer a collection and delivery service to and from your home or workplace.  That means you won’t lose a morning, or even an hour out of your day when you need to get your new tyres fitted.

Call us on 0208 744 6929 to discuss.

Fleet Work

At Universal Tyres and Spares, we appreciate the challenges of fleet management and we know what it takes to keep a fleet of vehicles on the road.  We understand that time is money and vans aren’t productive when they’re up on ramps.

We keep a huge stock of 35,000 tyres, which means we can replace your fleet’s tyres without delay, helping to keep your vans and cars on the road, where they should be. 

We can provide a package of services to businesses too.  Whether you manage a fleet or have staff on-the-road in their own vehicles, our services will help to keep them mobile and reduce avoidable absence.

Call us on 0208 744 6929 to discuss our fleet and corporate services.


Batteries can be troublesome, especially in the colder months.  More calls are made to roadside rescue services about flat batteries than anything else.  And there’s no joy in getting caught out with a dead battery on a chilly morning.

Batteries wear out over time and should be checked regularly – it only takes a few minutes.  Get yours checked at our Fitting Centre and if you need it, we’ll supply and fit a replacement.   We offer Exide Excell batteries at competitive prices and they come with a 3 year warranty. 

Contact us on 0208 744 6929 for options and pricing, and if you buy your battery from us, we’ll fit it for free.