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One-off Lamborghini Aventador S stars at Goodwood 2017

05 July 2017

As we all know, manufactures from all areas of the industry look to use the Goodwood Festival of Speed as opportunity to show off. This year Lamborghini is blowing its own trumpet with particular gusto.

Clearly the Italian marque believes that we've all become immune to and bored by the charms of the standard Aventador S and as a result, it's asked its own Ad Personam division to produce a one-off Aventador S to for the Goodwood event.

Ad Personam is the division of Lamborghini that specialises in customising cars for customers willing to pay for something a bit special but on occasion, as shown here, it branches out and builds a one-off special to showcase its talents. Modifications include the application of a unique grey and orange paint scheme, which is also applied throughout the interior as well as on the brake callipers. It also includes Goodwood decals and the event name is repeated in the seat stitching. Due to the base car being a 730bhp Aventador S, no technical modifications were deemed necessary.

Lamborghini's commercial director Federico Foschini has revealed that around 60% of all Lamborghini buyers customise and personalise their car in some way in relation to the paint scheme or interior stitching. The Goodwood version was intended to be a showcase of how far this personalisation can go. Unfortunately the unique car is already sold, but if you've got a bit of spare change in your pocket we're sure Lamborghini Ad Personam would make you another one.

Source: Evo Magazine