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Jaguar E-pace – what we know so far about the new British SUV

28 June 2017

The Jaguar E-Pace will be officially revealed next month, but it's already generating a huge amount of interest. It follows in the tyre tracks of Jag's phenomenally successful F-Pace, and will be the brand's second SUV ever.

Details are thin on the ground at the moment, but we do know that the E-Pace will be competitively priced. The current figure stands at £28,500, putting it broadly in line with the cheaper of its German rivals.

It's also significantly cheaper than the F-Pace, which starts at around £34,000. It'll be available with two- or four-wheel-drive, and will use the same platform as both the Land Rover Discovery Sport and the Range Rover Evoque.

We anticipate a predominance of diesel powertrains, with several Ingenium oilburners of varying displacements. There will also be at least one efficient turbocharged petrol engine, and we expect there'll be a hybrid of some sort too – details to be confirmed.

Jaguar's design language is apparent even in this heavily obfuscated image. Similarities between this and the F-Pace SUV mean that the E-Pace will be a muscular, masculine SUV, with athletic flanks and a clearly defined silhouette. The haunches are dramatic, and the lights are very similar to those of the sporty F-Type coupe.

Source: Telegraph Motoring